Ataya School

Language school and training Specialized in Italian for foreigners

Ataya School has been working in the area since1991 and offers courses to male and female students from all over the world for 12 months a year. It welcomes more than 1,000 students each year.

More than 10 employed teachers qualified in teaching Italian L2 and foreign languages and more than 80 volunteers, who are highly experienced and constantly in training, work with the school. This allows us to offer quality courses for everyone and, thanks to the support of volunteers, to offer low-cost courses for unemployed foreign citizens.

At the Scuola Ataya we adopt an inclusive and cooperative teaching method , with attention to intercultural aspects.

Courses are in-person and online. It is therefore possible to study in the classroom or from home, from anywhere in the world.

For many years the school has collaborated with both public(municipalities, schools and libraries) and private(companies, associations, youth centers) entities in Bergamo and its province through its participation in various projects.

Ataya School

Via San Bernardino, 77 (office and classrooms) – Via Daste and Spalenga, 15 (classrooms) – Bergamo

Tel.+Whatsapp +393499848584 (Mon-Wed-Thurs 9am-1pm, Mon-Thu 3pm-5pm)

Tel. +393470917234 (Tue 7pm-10pm Fri 11am-2pm)

Email: [email protected]

  • basic level Italian (A1, A2)
  • Italian for studying at school - can be activated on request
  • English for children - available soon
  • Italian for driver's license
  • Italian for workplace safety - can be activated on request
  • Business Italian - can be activated upon request
  • training on intercultural approach in the business context

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