Ataya App

Ataya is a project of Cooperativa Ruah’s Italian language school that includes two manuals and anapp.

Starting with classroom experiences, it has the ambition to create tools that facilitate language training for vulnerable migrants: women, asylum seekers, illiterate people, people in economic difficulty.

It aims to enrich literacy, numeracy and computer skills – basic in Western society – so as to fight some processes of marginalization and exclusion.

“Ataya” Textbook (2016)

The didactic approach proposes cross-cultural confrontation, self-narrative, and the use of the mother tongue, and promotes acceptance and empowerment. The choice of topics is careful and sensitive, the activities are concrete, motivating and multilevel.

Ataya App (2018)

The use of technologies in the classroom is inclusive and stimulating and strengthens self-esteem. The iconic language supports the difficulty of abstraction, and the touch technology is familiar and intuitive.

It is free for Android and has reached more than 5,000 downloads, in Italy and abroad.

The app is free to download from the Google play store.

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