Our work

Community is not only the social background, the stage of the right exercise, but is an essential reference point of processes of inclusion and participation
(Braibanti, 2015)

The cooperative realizes social inclusion in the Bergamo area and promotes collaboration between public, private and third sector entities. As community service workers we have a fundamental role in the construction of an integrated and inclusive citizenship and we must always keep in mind that the response to the individual’s need cannot ignore the historical and cultural intertwining that each person brings with them, his own characteristics and skills and also the environmental, cultural and social context in which it fits.

As a social cooperative we have the task of increasing the possibility for the people we meet to place themselves in new and different pluralities. Reactivating each individual’s exercise of autonomy within a plurality of possible solutions. We can do this by trying to grow and evolve our services , and by imagining and constructing new hypotheses and actions.